The clue’s in the gift tag

Sep 09

Equestrian gift tag.

I had the most wonderful birthday this year, and was spoilt with the gift of a new Hermès scarf. My husband’s family has a tradition whereby the gift tag usually gives a hint to what’s inside the parcel and my gift tag had two horses on the front – I should have guessed!

I was thrilled to find an orange box inside, and inside that, Etude pour une Parure de Gala by Florence Manlik in white, grey and blue (bizarrely, the tag said green instead of blue, but there’s definitely no green in it). This is my very first new full-sized carré, and the first time I have owned one of Manlik’s designs.

Etude pour une Parure de Gala.

According to the Hermès website, here this is the design history:

“This carré depicts three pieces from a recent fine jewellery collection by Pierre Hardy for Hermès. Inspired by jewellers’ working drawings, Florence Manlik presents the exquisite detail of Hardy’s designs, for our tireless appreciation: each gem in its setting, each gold link in astonishing relief and a presence enhanced by the hint of the designer’s hand at work – a jewel in the making. The pieces draw on diverse influences: the equestrian world is clearly evoked, as is a celebration of the Carré in all its glory, as they take their names from three Hermès classics: Brides de Gala, Della Cavalleria and Grand Apparat. Necklaces, tiaras, earrings and bracelets are arranged in a harmonious design, as if placed directly on a square of silk.”

I know that Hermès has a tradition of depicting jewellery on scarves – it reminded me a bit of Chaînes et Gourmettes (worn here by the inimitable MaiTai).

Trying the scarf with an Anneau Infinity scarf ring.

While I was folding the scarf today I noticed that all of the jewels in the corners are a steely grey-blue, except one, which is a much brighter blue. The jewel in the centre is yellow. It’s these kinds of details that I love about Hermès – there is scope to bring out different colour accents depending on how you tie it.

I had some birthday money so treated myself to a scarf ring from the Maitai Collection to go with it. I bought an Anneau Infinity ring in taupe which I have found brilliantly easy to use and which is rapidly becoming a favourite. I have my eye on the same design in teal to match my teal/purple Au Cœur de la Vie by Aline Honoré, but the taupe is versatile enough to go with several of my scarves and also looks good with my new beige trench coat.

When finances allow, I suspect I will buy a grey dress to wear with Etude pour une Parure de Gala, but the blues go surprisingly nicely with denim, giving it great potential for casual outfits too.

Here are some details from this gorgeous scarf (click to enlarge):